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Here, Heather Mangieri, licensed dietitian, nutrition expert and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, and Lynn Grieger, registered dietitian and personal fitness coach in Manchester, Vt., evaluate which of these foodisms are fact and which are fiction. Eating Salsa Burns Fat Salsa can surely burn tongues, but can it burn fat too? Possibly, but it depends on how its made, Mangieri says. Studies have shown that capsaicin the kick behind chili peppers can speed up metabolism by up to 25 percent for up to three hours after consumption. Other hot peppers, like jalapenos or habaneros, have the same effect, and so adding them into a salsa recipe can help burn more calories and fat. While those unable to tame the fiery flavor of hot salsa wont burn off calories, Mangieri reassures that even mild salsa has its benefits: Its a great source of vitamin A and C and is an easy way to get an extra serving of vegetables. Blotting Pizza Makes It Considerably Less Fattening More coverage You feel how you eat? While using a napkin or paper towel to blot visible grease from pizza may soak up a few fat grams, Mangieri says, the exact amount is unknown and will not result in making the pizza considerably less fattening. Its true that every little bit can help reduce fat and calories, but Mangieri suggests that the best solution is to simply skip high-fat meats as toppings and opt for vegetables instead. Fat-Free Foods are Loaded with Sugar When food manufacturers remove the fat from food, sugar is often used as a flavor replacement. That doesnt mean its necessarily better, though. The problem comes from over-consuming fat-free products, Mangieri says. She explains that the body takes carbohydrates, or sugars, and turns them into fat when there are more calories consumed than necessary. Fat-free doesnt necessarily mean artificial, though, as Grieger notes a healthy snack like an apple is naturally fat-free with no added sugar.

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Wednesdays; 34301 S. Conway Road, Orlando; 321-750-6820 Food Truck Cafe: 6-9 p.m. Wednesdays; Lake Lily Park, 840 Lake Lily Drive, Maitland ; 407-539-6268 WineArt Wednesdays: 5-9 p.m. first Wednesday of each month; Central Park, corner of Fourth Street and Lake Mary Boulevard, Lake Mary; foodtruckbreakout.com St. John Lutheran Church Food Truck Event: 5-8 p.m. third Wednesday of each month; 1600 S. Orlando Ave., Winter Park; mysj.org Apopka’s Food Truck Round Up: 5:30-9 p.m. first Thursday of each month; Kit Land Nelson Park, 18 N. Forest Ave., Apopka Edgewood Food Trucks: 5-8 p.m. Thursdays; 405 Larue Ave., Edgewood; edgewood-fl.gov Independence Food Truck Night: 5-9 p.m. third Thursday of each month; 14219 Pleach St., in front of the clubhouse, Winter Garden ; foodtruckbreakout.com Food Truck Wednesday at Cane Island: 6-9 p.m. fourth Wednesday of each month; 5251 Cane Island Loop, Kissimmee ; foodtruckbreakout.com Food Truck Fridays: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

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The market hosts a tuna auction in the morning that has become a popular destination for tourists wishing to catch the action (although generally, it is not open for public viewing). Flickr/twm Fullscreen 14. Kreta Ayer Wet Market, Singapore: This Chinatown market is known for being spotlessly clean. It is called a “wet market” because it is regularly hosed down for hygienic purposes. The fare includes a wide range of unique animals, like turtles, frogs, eels, and snakes. The market also sells local items, like Chinese herbal remedies and Asian vegetables like bok choy. Flickr/wgossett Fullscreen 15. Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City: Ben Thanh Market, a destination for many tourists, is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the area. Located in a lively area of the city, visitors can stop by the market to enjoy textiles, souvenirs, handicrafts, and of course, local cuisine. Flickr/davidconger.com Fullscreen 16. Sweet Auburn Curb Market, Atlanta: Considering itself an “international delight,” Sweet Auburn Curb Market in Atlanta sells specialty food items. The market first started in 1918 and was housed in a giant tent, bringing fresh produce from farmers to the people of Atlanta. Vendors at the market are independently owned businesses, and sell products like meat, fish, baked goods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and plants. Flickr/wallyg Fullscreen 17. Cours Saleya, Nice, France: Known primarily as a flower market, the famous Cours Saleya also sells fresh produce, like plump red tomatoes, a Nicoise cooking essential.