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I almost dont want to know how the special effects were accomplished for fear that the films magic will forever be ruined for me. In a year that has not seen many great films, Gravity reminds you of how great going to the movies can be as it sucks you right in to a world many of us have never seen up close. Cuaron shows the inherent dangers of space as well as the sheer beauty of it, and theres no beating the view of planet Earth from hundreds of miles above its surface. Cuaron, just as he did with Children of Men, gives us some truly brilliant scenes which look like they were all done in one shot. Im still trying to wrap my head around how he managed to keep the camera rolling for such a long period of time. Gravity starts in space and pretty much ends there, and its that lack of gravity which makes the film seem like a new kind of roller coaster ride. I bet that a number of audience members will end up getting motion sickness while watching it as theyll be struggling to find their center of balance just like Bullock does when she becomes untethered from the space shuttle. I remember all those trailers for horror movies like Zombi or Dawn of the Dead which said that the theater did have barf bags available for those who needed them. Well Gravity is proof that it doesnt have to be a horror movie for you to need a barf bag. Anyway, thats probably more information than you need to know. But as technically brilliant as Gravity is, it never forgets the human element that other filmmakers dont pay as much attention to. We come to care deeply about the characters Clooney and Bullock play because they are not just a couple of stereotypical astronauts spouting cliched dialogue.

Consumers simply expect more content, faster, and in ways that they’re comfortable consuming. Couple that with upstarts like Gogo, and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Gogo, the company responsible for hooking thousands of planes across the U.S. up with in-flight Wi-Fi , has just announced a new partnership that could place major motion pictures in planes prior to cinemas. Imagine that. The deal involes Magnolia Pictures, and it’s being used to highlight Gogo Vision, a new in-flight streaming technology. The content will include pre-theatrical and theatrical release titles, which is a first for Gogo. Gogo Vision allows passengers to rent movies and television shows and stream them to their own Wi-Fi enabled devices. Passengers can select from a library of more than 100 programs from major Hollywood studios. Renting videos through Gogo Vision starts at $3.99 for a movie and $.99 for a TV show. For passengers who don’t finish their program onboard the aircraft, Gogo Vision has a resumption of play feature that allows passengers to finish watching their program on the ground for a 24-hour period on the same device on which they rented the movie or television show. “We continue to enhance and improve the offerings that passengers can find on Gogo Vision,” said Gogo’s chief commercial officer, Ash ElDifrawi. “Magnolia has a strong history of bringing cutting edge and compelling content to market. Having pre-theatrical and theatrical releases available to passengers is a first for Gogo and it will help assure that there’s always something fresh and exciting for passengers to watch when they use Gogo Vision.” We suspect that even more deals like this will follow suit; perhaps the so-called “friendly skies” are truly getting friendlier at least for technology lovers. Copyright 1999 – 2013 David Altavilla and HotHardware.com, LLC. All rights reserved.

on USATODAY.com: http://usat.ly/19YNe7U Incorrect please try again A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. Join the Nation’s Conversation To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Wanna introduce a film on Turner Classic Movies? Whitney Matheson, USA TODAY 1:16 p.m. EDT October 2, 2013 A new contest will let a Turner Classic Movies fan co-host a film with Robert Osborne. (Photo: TCM) SHARE 29 CONNECT 12 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE If I watch a classic film on Turner Classic Movies, I make sure to catch Robert Osborne’s insightful introductions and postscripts. More often than not, he tells me something I didn’t know, and that even goes for movies I’ve seen dozens of times (like, say, The Graduate). This month, TCM is holding a contest that will let one lucky fan co-host a movie with Osborne. Over at the site for its ” Ultimate Fan Contest ,” you can submit a 90-second video of yourself introducing a classic film. Along with being featured on the air, the grand-prize winner will win a trip to the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, where he/she also will introduce a film.

Gogo Vision Could Put New Movies In Flight Before Cinemas

Video: YouTube, bmoviereviews . 4. Troll 2 This 1990 horror-comedy B-movie is so hilariously bad, it has developed a cult following. This scene in particular is a classic, and needs no explanation as to why. Video: YouTube, Veovisjohn 5. The Gingerdead Man This is what happens when you bake the spirit of Gary Busey into a holiday treat. It’s also why we can’t have nice things. The 2005 movie is so bad, we couldn’t possibly pick one scene. Video: YouTube, GrackleBoxStudios 6. Nightmare on Elm Street We all have to start somewhere in our careers, and for Johnny Depp, it was in 1984, when he lost a battle with a bed. The old and clunky technology just makes this scene better/worse. Video: YouTube, TzTokFlame 7. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes The special effects in 1978 were just incredible.