‘london As It Could Be Now’: Reconnecting Londoners With The Tidal Thames

Image Studio Octopi / Civic Engineers / Jonathan Cook Landscape Five proposals for reconnecting Londoners with the River Thames have gone on display at Londons Royal Academy of Arts (RA). The competition, organised by the Architecture Foundation , launched anopen call for multidisciplinary design teams to put forward new ideas and visions for self-selected sites along the Tidal Thames earlier this year. The five selected teams were shortlisted earlier this year and recently discussed their designs at a public design workshop. The schemes are now being exhibited as part of the Richard Rogers RA: Inside Out exhibition. Read extracts of the proposals after the break River Beds. Image Carl Turner Architects / The Edible Bus Stop Our team will be investigating the South Bank of the Thames between Battersea Park and Vauxhall Bridge. We are looking for opportunities on the ground to up-scale the idea of guerrilla gardening and hopefully make a new green route between these two landmarks. The green will be about growing food and we will see what connections can be made with local communities to support these new public spaces. Our aim is to creative active public space, managed by local communities. We would also like to see if its possible to stitch back the residential areas North of Nine Elms with the river. Industry and transport have created a huge disconnect between people and this part of the river. River Rooms 2113 -a necklace of public spaces to grace the Thames / David Kohn Architects River Rooms 2113. Image David Kohn Architects Londons future growth depends on creating vibrant public spaces that are accessible to all, well-connected by transport, surrounded by excellent housing and amenities at appropriate densities.

London Internet Exchange (LINX) Selects CoreSite Data Center for First North American Peering Exchange

In future, and with the Mayors full blessing, we can blame Sir Peter Hendy and Deputy Mayor Stephen Greenhalgh personally for any transparency failings in their organisations. As Ive written before , the push for greater access to information held by City Hall and its agencies is nothing new, at the very first Mayors Question Time in 2000 AMs wanted more information published so they and the public could better hold the Mayor to account. Boriss response to the report is so emphatic and full that Im hopeful today marks an important step in changing the culture within some agencies and hammering home the point that every pound spent and every decision made should be open to public examination and scrutiny. But while you might not know it for the moaning that sometimes pours from these pages, we in London have enjoyed greater levels of openness and transparency than many of our out of London brethren. Unlike far too many councils , City Hall has never been a place where youll get thrown out or have the police called just for Tweeting about a meeting. And the information thats already published online often surpasses both what many bodies make available and expect to be asked to provide. That point has been hammered home to me over the past week as responses have trickled in from the UKs various police forces in answer to an FOI request asking what, if any, payments they make to train companies to provide free travel to officers. Several forces asked if we could discuss the request over the phone before they sent a formal written response. In almost all resulting phone calls the forces expressed genuine bemusement and puzzlement that anyone would actually ask how they spend their money. And the ATOC press office seemed both surprised and deeply unamused that MOPAC routinely publish details of major expenditure, including their demand for 80m to allow cops to travel on their networks. So City Hall has some success stories to tell. But the approach to publishing information has for too long been inconsistent and too dependent on the whims and mindsets of individual staff and agencies. By persuading the Mayor to agree to a single transparency framework for his entire empire, the Assembly has ensured that the secretive and unhelpful cultures in some bodies will now finally have to change. A lot is often made of the Assemblys lack of formal powers and too often its dismissed as a mere talking shop unable to deliver anything of value to Londoners. But the truth, long known to those of us who watch it at work, is that when all 25 Assembly Members stand together the body makes a powerful, cross-party foil to any Mayor.

London’s ‘toothless talking shop’ has driven a stake through City Hall secrecy

Markets open in 1 hr 20 mins London Internet Exchange (LINX) Selects CoreSite Data Center for First North American Peering Exchange LINX’s deployment in CoreSite’s Northern Virginia data center campus supports CoreSite’s previously announced Open Internet Exchange Hub, aligned with principles of Open IX and providing customers enhanced public connectivity options Press Release: CoreSite Realty Corporation 10 minutes ago COR 33.08 PHOENIX, Oct. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –CoreSite Realty Corporation ( COR ), a premier provider of network-dense, cloud-enabled data center solutions and the CoreSite Mesh, today announced at NANOG59 that the London Internet Exchange (LINX) has chosen CoreSite’s Northern Virginia data center campus as one of the locations for its first North American peering exchange, LINX NoVA. This new deployment from one of the world’s leading network and Internet exchanges, will enhance CoreSite’s existing carrier density and increase the number of options for Internet peering and customer connectivity. The cloud-enabled data center campus in Northern Virginia, which includes facilities in Reston, VA, and Washington, DC, supports a robust community of nearly 150 customers, including over 45 networks and ISPs. LINX, one of the world’s largest Internet exchanges, currently connects over 480 networks from nearly 60 countries, including more than 1,100 ports. Internet exchanges such as LINX allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other organizations to directly connect to one another to exchange Internet traffic. LINX’s entrance into the North American market supports CoreSite’s Open Internet Exchange Hub, announced in 2012 and aligned with key stated principles of the Open Internet Exchange (Open-IX), a member-governed organization working to drive the expansion of business-neutral Internet exchanges, reduce internet complexity and cost, and improve access to networks within critical interconnection markets. “We are delighted to be expanding into North America,” said John Souter, CEO at LINX. “We believe that our deployment in CoreSite’s Northern Virginia campus will contribute to us being able to create a successful new exchange in the US. To demonstrate our commitment to building a world leading Internet Exchange in North America, we will be subsidizing it by providing free 10G ports to any networks who join.” CoreSite’s open peering exchange policy gives customers best-of-breed connectivity options through public peering opportunities in addition to CoreSite’s robust network density and customer communities. Customers are able to access the CoreSite marketplace where network, content, and cloud service providers, along with a wide array of enterprises, interconnect and exchange traffic and services in an efficient, cost-effective manner, ultimately reducing latency and improving network diversity. In addition to being able to peer in the Northern Virginia area at LINX NoVA, CoreSite’s Open Internet Exchange Hub currently provides direct connections to multiple exchanges including remote access to peering in Europe at the London Internet Exchange (LINX), Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), German Commercial Internet Exchange (DE-CIX), and peering elsewhere in the US with New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX) and CoreSite’s Any2 Internet Exchange. “The addition of LINX NoVA to our group of peering partners will further enhance the existing network density inherent in CoreSite’s Northern Virginia community and support the development of a more robust Internet peering ecosystem in the important Northern Virginia market,” said Brian Warren, VP Product Management at CoreSite.