Galaxy Has Much Riding On Sunday’s Match Against Chivas Usa

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Marilyn Zahm: It’s lucrative. Randy Frye: Follow the money. Last year the Social Security Administration paid a billion dollars to claimants’ lawyers out of its cash-strapped disability trust fund. The biggest chunk — $70 million – went to Binder & Binder, the largest disability firm in the country. Lawyer Jenna Fliszar and Jessica White worked for Binder & Binder representing clients in front of disability judges from New Hampshire to West Virginia. Jenna Fliszar: I call it a legal factory because that’s all it is. I mean, they have figured out the system and they’ve made it into a huge national firm that makes millions of dollars a year on Social Security disability. Jessica White: I was hired at the end of 2008 and business was booming because the economy was so bad. We had a lot of people who — their unemployment ran out and this was the next step. Jenna Fliszar: If you’re unable to find a job, and you have any type of physical issue, then it really becomes a last ditch effort because the job market is so bad. Many of the cases they handled involved ailments with subjective symptoms like backache, depression and fibromyalgia, which is joint and muscle pain along with chronic fatigue. Steve Kroft: Hard to prove you’ve got it? Jenna Fliszar: Yes. And there’s really no diagnostic testing for it. Steve Kroft: Hard to deny you don’t have it.

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With a win worth three points to each club, the standings could change quickly in the next few weeks. As Galaxy midfielder Marcelo Sarvas told the team’s website last week, “We have to get points because we’re very close to [playoff] heaven and yet very close to hell.” This will be the Galaxy’s third and final game of the regular season against Chivas USA whose home venue also is StubHub Center in what’s dubbed the SuperClasico series. The Galaxy is the designated home team for this 2 p.m. game (televised on Time Warner Cable SportsNet and UniMas, and carried on AM radio at 1150 and 1330). After a 3-0 win over San Jose on Aug. 31, the Galaxy went all September without a victory. The team lost to Colorado and Portland and settled for ties with D.C. United and Seattle. The key for the Galaxy is having both of its star forwards, Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane , in the game at the same time. That’s often not been the case this year, either because they were hurt or they were playing for their national teams, but they’re expected to play together Sunday. Donovan and Keane have played together in only 13 of the Galaxy’s 30 MLS games this year, with the club going 7-3-3 in those games. One of the three losses was last weekend, when the Galaxy fell 1-0 to the Timbers in a rain-drenched game in Portland. The Galaxy thought they had tied the Timbers near the game’s end with Keane’s header goal. But Keane was ruled offside, a call that drew a heated argument from Keane and Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena.

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Officially, Castro said the boy has been racing for three to four months. He just started racing, and this is his first big race that hes come to, Castro said. Clearly excited, Aidan had climbed to the top of a fence overlooking the start hill where the pros were just about to race. Wearing a blue and black bodysuit that identified him as a rider, when Aidan was asked if he liked to race because it was crazy and gave him a good rush, he said, Yup thats exactly what he likes about BMX. I just like riding, he said. Something Adams said is a valid reason to ride. Its gonna be different for everybody, Adams said. For some of them, the points are what theyre chasing; theyre trying to get the most points to win their regional, to win their district, or whatever the case may be. For some, its, I get to get out on my two wheels and go out and have fun. Walking up to the track, people of all ages could be seen sitting under tents, chatting, drinking soda and tinkering with their bikes. Adams said the atmosphere is what makes BMX a very family oriented sport. In many cases, you have brothers and sisters racing, Adams said. You have moms and dads racing, and if theyre not racing, theyre part of the pit crew or part of the team helping out. Very few sports that you can participate in where the whole family can participate at one venue. Because of this, Adams said its not uncommon to see children as young as 3 years old kicking along on the track. USA BMX even has a bracket for them; the strider classification is for kids ages 3 to 5. You see that all the time, little kids that started racing with us, and next thing you know, theyre in the Olympics, Adams said.