Biker Who Swung Helmet In New York Suv Attack ‘overreacted’ But Didn’t Beat Driver, Lawyer Says

30 for the current season. The remaining productions for this season were Johann Christian Bachs Endimione, Bela Bartoks Bluebeards Castle and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts The Marriage of Figaro, according to the website. The company sat out the 2008-09 season, while the New York State Theater (renamed for donor David Koch ) was renovated. In late 2008 and early 2009, the board of directors used $24 million from its endowment to meet payroll and other obligations and hasnt been able to repay it, according to the filing. City Operas endowment totaled $5.02 million for fiscal year 2012, down from $9 million a year earlier and $55 million several years ago, according to the filing. The endowment lost $14 million during the stock market decline, the company said in the filing. Poor Decision According to an accounting of New York City Operas financial collapse filed in the bankruptcy court , the opera company made a poor decision in the mid-2000s when it chose to increase the number of performances of standard repertoire warhorses to reduce costs and increase audiences. In fact the reverse happened: the annual structural deficit grew, Rosen, the companys lawyer, said in the filing. With that strategy, the opera found it needed to attract new ticket buyers — buyers who cost more in marketing dollars to attract and yet were unlikely to become repeat ticket buyers or donors. The opera also blamed an increasingly crowded entertainment market, including competition with the Metropolitan Opera , according to the filing. Other factors included the reduction in arts education, a nationwide decrease in arts journalism and opera presented for free on public television and radio. In 2011-12, the last year for which results are available, ticket sales were $1.1 million, down 87 percent from 2005-06. To contact the reporter on this story: Erik Larson in New York at To contact the editor responsible for this story: Andrew Dunn at New York City Opera Files Bankruptcy as Fundraising Fails Hiroyuki Ito/Getty Images A picture of Beverly Sills is displayed during a tribute at New York City Opera on Oct. 27, 2007. Closing down would mark the end of a company established as the peoples opera by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia that became a training ground for young talent that included Beverly Sills and Placido Domingo. A picture of Beverly Sills is displayed during a tribute at New York City Opera on Oct.

The helmet video seized by police shows dozens of bikers swarming past him on Manhattan’s West Side Highway. One motorcycle quickly slowed down in front of Lien, who bumped its rear tire, slightly injuring rider Christopher Cruz. Lien pulled to a stop, and angry bikers surrounded his vehicle, hitting it and spiking its tires, police said. Lien stepped on the gas, plowing into three more bikers, including Edwin Mieses, whose wife says he is paralyzed. The video shows the Range Rover stopping again — long enough for a biker to open the door — and Lien then driving away until traffic forced him to the final stop. Police say the subsequent beating included kicks to Lien’s head and body as he lay on the highway. Injuries to SUV driver, biker Lien suffered two black eyes and cuts on his face and side, requiring stitches, a police detective’s criminal complaint said. His wife and daughter were unharmed. Mieses’ family, meanwhile, has said he was paralyzed and needs a ventilator to breathe in the hospital. They claim Mieses was trying to help Lien. Chance’s lawyer said prosecutors should conduct a grand jury investigation of Lien for hitting Mieses and Chance with the SUV. Criminal case Chance was ordered held on $75,000 bond Sunday. Assistant District Attorney Samantha Turino said Chance’s license had been suspended and he should not have been driving. She said Chance’s arrest record includes a marijuana charge in 2013 and attempted criminal possession of a weapon in 2006. Christopher Cruz, 28, whom police say is the biker who slowed in front of Lien, was charged with reckless driving and other misdemeanors.

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Believe it or not, Ryan is feeling some heat from a frustrated fan base in Atlanta. His passer rating is an impressive 97.7, but they’re averaging only 23.5 points per game, largely because of persistent problems in the red zone. In two of their three losses, Ryan had the ball inside the opponents’ 7-yard line at the end of the game, with a chance to pull out a win. The results: An interception and loss of possession on downs. Ryan, criticized for not being able to win the big one, apparently can’t score the big one, either. 3. A 2012 feel at receiver: Without Santonio Holmes (hamstring), the Jets will start Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill , who suffered a concussion only eight days ago. You can win with that tandem, but there are questions beyond them. Clyde Gates (knee) is questionable, and neither David Nelson (signed last Tuesday) and Michael Campbell (promoted from the practice squad) has played a down this season. And, let’s not forget, TE Kellen Winslow (knee) is questionable. You have to think Winslow will tough it out on his bad knee, but he missed a lot of practice time, as did Hill. That impacts continuity, especially with a rookie quarterback who needs reps. 4. Marty under the microscope: This game will tell us a lot about offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.