13 Cheesy Horror Movies To Scare You With Laughter

Remember the Titans Remember the Titans is one the most inspirational sports movies of all time. It takes place in Virginia where schools were segregated for generations. However, when one black and one white high school are forced to integrate they must learn to trust each other and come together, and they do so with the help of the football team. 5. Slumdog Millionaire Slumdog Millionaire is a movie that inspires us all to overcome any hardship and not forget your past but learn from it because events in your past life will help you along one day. Its also a movie that proves: Love conquers all. Its about a boy from Mumbai who grew up in the slums of India. When he becomes a contestant on the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? his life is changed forever. He is arrested under suspicion of cheating and while being interrogated, he tells stories of events from his life that explain why he knows the answers. 4. Pay It Forward This is an inspirational movie that makes us want to change someone elses life. Even if its by doing something small, it makes us want to get out and help others out of selflessness. The story is about a boy who attempts to make the world a better place through a school experiment.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Clowns are scary enough on their own. In this 1988 horror flick, we’re talking about aliens that look like clowns — that also have killer shadow-puppet magic skills. Who came up with this stuff, anyway? Video: YouTube, pocketsizedbeauty 2. Dead Alive Forget about the rib-ripping scene, in which we learn our insides look like a mudslide when pouring out of our body. The scariest part is at 1:25, when we discover that the living dead will dig for your gold. ‘Snot funny. Video: YouTube, movieclips 3. Chopping Mall How can you tell things are going to get weird in this 1986 film? The screaming, pants-less woman is not even the most questionable part of the clip. Who was that robo-mall cop thanking, anyway? Video: YouTube, bmoviereviews . 4. Troll 2 This 1990 horror-comedy B-movie is so hilariously bad, it has developed a cult following.

Now at Your Library: Streaming Movies, Music

Another 16 percent borrowed music. In the Seattle area, DVDs and CDs of popular titles can have queues of hundreds of people waiting to check them out. E-books have been offered for years now. “Public libraries do not have the budgets to compete with Amazon, Comcast, and Netflix and will not be able to pay a premium for online content,” Blankenship said, adding that DVDs will continue to be the best way to offer popular movies. Updating and maintaining that physical collection takes time and money. It also means libraries have to pay for the media upfront, while Hoopla allows them to pay per time a title is borrowed. Those costs depend on the type of media and its release date, and range from 99 cents to $2.99. Seattle libraries have allocated $10,000 a month limit so far for Hoopla items and patrons are limited to 20 checkouts a month, Blankenship said. That limit may change, depending on demand and how usage grows. Hoopla’s launch won’t affect the stocking of physical DVDs at library branches for the time being, Blankenship said. For Seattle resident and library patron Jamie Koepnick-Herrera, Hoopla has joined her other streaming services such as Netflix, which she uses for movies, and Hulu, which she uses to watch current seasons of television shows.